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Strategic Issues in Educational Leadership by Rev. Fr. Theophilus Itaman Ph.D

Educators, experts, and researchers have observed that effective and strategic leadership is essential to achieving and sustaining school success and maintaining high student achievement.  The primary source of leaders’ failure in schools is “faulty thinking rooted in inadequate ideas” (Bolman & Deal, 2013, p. 21). Poor leadership may negatively influence the academic performance of students. The poor performance of students in our schools has been a constant concern for educators in Nigeria. Research has indicated that the success of implementing change and achieving school success depends largely on the behaviour and leadership style of the principal (Schiller, 2003, cited in Hall & Hord, 2011). This suggests that knowing and developing the right leadership style and strategies for an organisation will benefit the organisation by enhancing the success of the teachers’ change process.

The purpose of this book is for the readers to explore and understand strategic issues in leadership practices in our schools. The issues addressed in this book have become all the more pertinent and vital for the survival and improvement of the school system. It highlights the importance and impact of leadership in managing critical and strategic issues in our educational system. Also, it outlines conditions, strategies, and approaches that promote sustainable school improvement and provides an overview of the main theoretical perspectives in leading and managing schools.

While relying on research data, the literature x-rays various approaches and strategies for achieving school improvement with a long-term systemic orientation, providing principles and suggestions for better practice. Researchers have maintained that the challenge of enhancing student learning and achievement can only be met through viewing school improvement holistically, adopting positive strategies, and inclusive responses. The text defines these specific approaches and strategies in practical detail by referring to research and practice. In this light, this book articulates and examines key current burning issues in education, such as effective leadership, strategic servant leadership, the influence of leadership on the change process, the impact of leadership on student learning, motivation, entrepreneurialism, education law, curriculum management, class size, and policy development, to mention but a few.

Finally, this masterpiece provides valuable information for policymakers, educators, and stakeholders in preparing effective leaders for school improvement and good management. Therefore, the book is a must-read for school leaders to understand current issues in education. More importantly, it encapsulates the panaceas for ensuring effectiveness, raising standards, and improving achievement.

Author: Rev. Fr. Theophilus Itaman Ph.D

Year Published: 2023

This book is not available in e-Book.

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