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Education Panaceas for School improvement

In the book “Educational Panaceas for School Improvement”, the author seeks to discuss and feature some aspects of education which are sadly missing in most treatises dealing with education in general, the elements of an unbroken continuity in the evaluation of man’s education on earth. Thus, every educational epoch that has left its imprint on the life of the Nigerian man has been carefully discussed. The book gives a refreshingly new insight into the science of an authentic school management of working hard and eliminating indolence. It is more so the biblical salt and light that will help sweeten our educational resolve to achieve the best or nothing, as well as give light unto our steps for authentic human educational mobilization.

An honest assessment of this erudite masterpiece leaves no doubt in the mind of its readers that this book will be a standard text on education for many years to come.

Author: Rev. Fr. Theophilus Itaman Ph.D

Year Published: 2007

This book is not available in e-Book.

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