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Becoming a Better Agent of Evangelization in Africa

This third book, “Becoming a Better Agent of Evangelization in the Spirit of Ecclesia in Africa” is in five chapters. It is focused on evangelization in Africa. The book opens with the mandate given to the church to bring the Good News to all. In carrying out this function, all groups in the church have roles to play as all such groups (the Clergy, Religious and Laity) are agents of evangelization. However, many problems militating against successful evangelization are identified. The main problem is that many people in Africa have not been evangelized, while a number of those who do not know Christ is constantly on the increase. Therefore, the church is faced with the urgency to proclaim the Good News to all.

The book therefore addresses some preliminary notions and concepts to make for better understanding of the topic. It further addresses all agents of evangelization (the Lay faithful; the family, the youth, the Catechists, Seminarians, Religious; Clergy Deacons, Priests and Bishops). The weaknesses identified with those agents as these affect evangelization are dealt with.

In conclusion, chapter five addresses the way forward for successful evangelization in Africa. Part of the proffered solutions is witness of life: preaching the Gospel with your way of life. There is therefore the call to depend on the Holy Spirit to bring all our efforts to a perfect conclusion. The book is therefore recommended for all Christians since we are all called to evangelization. It is a masterpiece!

Author: Rev. Fr. Theophilus Itaman Ph.D

The book is not available in e-Book

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