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About Fr. TI and BL World

Rev. Fr. Dr. Theophilus Itaman


I am glad to welcome you to my website, BL World. This website is designed to enlighten and inspire our generation, especially our youths, to become effective leaders of tomorrow. If we must improve our organizations, communities, states, countries, and the world, we must raise effective leaders. Leadership makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful organizations. If we dare to improve society, leadership quality will make the most difference in achievement and success. Again, research suggests that leaders with the fear of God tend to lead more effectively.

Consequently, the website will serve as a platform to teach and publish homilies, spiritual and theological articles that can build the faith of our youths to prepare them for leadership roles. In all, you will find on this website inspiring quotes and educational materials capable of positively shaping our collective existence and worldview. Once again, I welcome you to my website, take a tour of it, and read materials and findings that could positively impact your life.

Bless you.

Rev. Fr. Dr. Theophilus Itaman
(Fr. TI)

Fr. TI's Profile

Current Position

  • The Education Director of Uromi Diocese
  • The Provincial Education Director for Benin Province
  • A member of the CBCN Education Committee
  • Spiritual Director to the Christian Mothers
  • Chairman of Catholic Witness Printing Press
  • Chairman of the Pilgrimage Commission in Uromi Diocese
  • Principal of Lumen Christi International High School Uromi

Educational Qualification

  • Ph.D (Educational Leadership: Walden University, USA)
  • M.A. (Educational Leadership and Innovation: Warwick University, UK)
  • B.TH (Theology: Urbaniana University, Rome, 1998)
  • B.A. (Philosophy: University of Ibadan, 1994)

Books Authored

  • Educational Panaceas for School Improvement
  • Becoming an Agent of Evangelization
  • Making Your Voice Heard in Heaven
  • Effective School Leadership in a Disadvantaged Area

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